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silence is easy...

i know this might find the ire of record company execs, but thanks to the internet i've got the new album a few months early. the verdict? well, i'm still blown away. i've been a fan and a believer since i saw them open for doves in dublin almost 3 years ago, but i could not have expected this.

silence is easy is quite simply the best album i've ever heard (displacing pearl jam's vitalogy). the only album i can really compare it to (and some will hate me for this) would be coldplay's a rush of blood to the head, not for sound, but rather for the confidence and maturity evident in the music. the thing is, no matter how good some might think coldplay's sophomore effort was, sie blows it out of the water. love is here pales in comparison. if you remained a doubter (and with all the hype around the band a few years ago this is very possible), this album is reason to finally believe the hype. actually, it's substantially more than reason enough, it's perfect

the songs are masterful, the instrumentation deep and impeccable. each song has its own identity, from the power of 'silence is easy' to the lush orchestral atmospherics of 'telling them' to the big band feel of 'bring my love' to the disco of 'four to the floor' to the... (you get the point). and james has somehow added not only warmth, but also range to his vocal quality. his delivery of some of the lines on this record is beyond words.

it's quite evident from listening that starsailor are no longer looking to others for inspiration but are rather creating themselves (refreshingly, this album will not garner comparisons to jeff buckley). i knew this would happen, but not quite so quickly.

i really don't know how i was able to write all that... it's hard to put this into words and still be coherent. i've been listening to the album for a week now, and i'm still blown away. cheers all around.
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