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So, Hi. I'm Jill, blah blah blah.

Like the last post, I also and quite new to this group. I started listening to them by suggestion on a friend that is from the UK. This sounds like an interview....

I just saw them perform at a small venue in Michigan, St. Andrews. ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO. I have been going to concerts for 8 years now, and a 5 year span of going to shows and St. Andrews everyweek, and free tickets to our outdoor and indoor concert areans ( not too often..)If you ever get the chance to see, them or if they are even 200 miles away from your home town, GO!. Jame's Walsh's voice was so clear, and did not deviate much from either album. Stelfox made smoking look soooo cool-ha!. I hope everyone that is a fan can one day see them. Also i took my best friend, who really hasn't listened to them much, and she went out and bought there Love is Here album, and loved it!... $17.50 was a steal.

Alright, not the best, but thought I would share~
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